The Other Prophet

The Other Prophet


Jesus in the Qur’an

by Mouhanad Khorchide and Klaus von Stosch

translated by Simon Pare

Publisher: Gingko Library
Published: October 2019
ISBN: 9781909942363
Number of pages: 332

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‘One cannot recommend The Other Prophet too enthusiastically. It is a book of firsts on many fronts: the authors, one Christian, one Muslim, wrote the book together from the perspective of their two scholarly traditions; it is a book that discusses Jesus from the perspective of the whole Qur’an and its major themes, not just in relation to the passages that mention his name; and finally, it provides an exemplar for a rigorously scholarly, academic Muslim/Christian dialogue, which marks a major progress beyond the usual, popular, intercommunal dialogues. Khorchide and von Stosch have provided an exciting and new paradigm for interreligious scholarship.’
– Professor Sidney H. Griffith, Catholic University of America (CUA)

The Other Prophet: Jesus in the Qur’an is an engaging piece of scholarship. This book will be useful to specialists, who will appreciate its extensive bibliography. It should find its way onto many a graduate-course reading list. Khorchide and von Stosch believe that their study indeed “shows that the Qur’an depicts Jesus as more than simply the bearer of a message; it sees Jesus…as the content of the message.” What we have, they assert, “is a productive distinction between the two religions rather than an unreconcilable standoff” In the process of making their case, they give us much to ponder.’
– Dr Lucinda Mosher, Journal of Interreligious Studies


Jesus is considered one of the most important prophets in Islam. In the Qur’an he is called a sign of God, and yet his position in Islam is different from his status in Christianity. The Other Prophet is an unprecedented attempt to investigate the Qur’anic Jesus from both Muslim and Christian perspectives. This book has three principal goals: to chronicle various debates surrounding Jesus in the Qur’an and consider how a detailed analysis might contribute to the productive coexistence of Christians and Muslims today; to demonstrate the great hermeneutic importance of studying Christology for an enhanced understanding of the Qur’an; and, lastly, to show how an examination of the Qur’an for Christians can deepen their faith in Jesus.

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Mouhanad Khorchide and Klaus von Stosch