Working to improve mutual understanding between the Middle East and the West


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GINGKO provides grants to support academic research into the history, art history and religions of MENA. Gingko also offers grants for people organising transformative interfaith and intercultural encounters between people from MENA and the West.

The 2024 round of grants will be open for applications between 1 January – 6 April 2024. Please only consider applying if you meet the criteria detailed on the individual pages of the grants listed below:

Gingko awards two kinds of academic research grant: the Gingko Research Grant and the Werner Mark Linz Memorial Grant.

Both these grants support academic research, conferences or symposiums in one or more of GINGKO’s academic subject areas – the history, art history or religions of the MENA region. The Research Grant is a small-scale grant; up to three are awarded each year. The Werner Mark Linz Memorial Grant (WMLM) is a medium-scale award; there is only one WMLM Grant awarded per year.

The Gingko Encounter Grant is a small-scale award to fund interfaith and/or intercultural encounters that bring together people from MENA and the West. The Encounters can be but need not be academic in nature. They must aim to improve mutual understanding between MENA and the West. Gingko awards up to three Encounter Grants per year.