• Promoting dialogue with the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa

    Gingko aims to inform and educate the interested public and work with scholars of diverse backgrounds and research interests to increase crucial understanding of the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa through conferences, publications, public events and cultural programmes. Our mission is to foster constructive, informed and open discussion based on mutual respect that gives a voice to a new generation of thinkers and opinion formers, and thereby help bridge an increasingly virulent divide between the West and the Middle East.

    Who We Are
  • Academic Programmes

    In partnership with leading universities and cultural institutions, Gingko organises conferences and lectures that bring together scholars from around the world to engage and discuss topics concerning cooperation and exchange. Through these, we aim to generate wider interest in the MENA region as well as promote greater understanding of its culture, both in the West and in the region itself.

    Academic Programmes
  • Public Programmes

    Gingko holds regular public events and cultural programmes with the aim of educating and informing the interested public and bringing together audiences of diverse backgrounds and research interests to increase crucial understanding of the MENA region.

    Public Programmes
  • Fellowship


    The Gingko Fellowship Programme is a series of annual retreats that bring together students from Al-Azhar University in Cairo who are studying for a PhD in the United Kingdom and their peers from UK Divinity Schools. Funded and organised by Gingko, the Programme was established to complement the existing Al-Azhar UK Scholarship Programme.

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  • The Arab Spring ten years on

    How does today’s younger generation see the past and the future?

    This programme consists of a series of online workshops with participants aged between 20 and 40 years-of-age, from various sectors and from the MENA region, discussing how the Arab Spring and its aftermath have impacted their lives. The outcome of this project will be an edited volume, a set of podcasts and the creation of a transnational support network.

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