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    Gingko aims to inform and educate the interested public and work with scholars of diverse backgrounds and research interests to increase crucial understanding of the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa through conferences, publications, public events and cultural programmes. Our mission is to foster constructive, informed and open discussion based on mutual respect that gives a voice to a new generation for thinkers and opinion formers, and thereby help bridge an increasingly virulent divide between the West and the Middle East.

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  • Pagan Christmas
    by Augusto Cacopardo

    This authoritative work sheds light on the religious world of the Kalasha people of the Birir valley of the Pakistani district of Chitral, focusing on their winter feasts which culminate in a great winter solstice festival. The Kalasha represent the last example of the pre-Islamic cultures of the Hindu Kush/Karakorum, but are also the only observable example, worldwide, of an archaic Indo-European religion. Cacopardo addresses the historical and cultural context of the area and, referencing an array of relevant literature, offers comparisons with the Indian world and the religious folklore of Europe.

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  • The Mercantile Effect
    edited by
    Sussan Babaie and Melanie Gibson

    Mercantile Effect cover copy

    - Essays by established and early career academics in the new field of transcultural exchange across East and West in the 17th and 18th centuries
    - A fascinating array of subjects studied with innovative perspective
    - Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 illustrations

    ‘The Mercantile Effect captures unexpected glimpses of a vast and shifting landscape and brings them into focus; this is what the future of art history looks like.’
    --Dr George Manginis, Member of the Executive Committee Benaki Museum

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  • Christmas and the Qur'an
    Karl-Josef Kuschel

    'The depiction of Jesus and indeed of Mary in the Qur’an is a subject of great importance for a more intelligent dialogue between Islam and the Christian tradition. Too many people know little or nothing about it, and it is a pleasure to welcome the English translation of this book from a seasoned and creative scholar.'
    --Rowan Williams, Master of Magdalene College and former Archbishop of Canterbury

    'This is a highly accessible book written in the spirit of the author’s ‘Abrahamic ecumenism’ to encourage Christians and Muslims to carefully read biblical and qur’anic passages for a better appreciation of each other’s faiths.'
    --Prof. Mona Siddiqui, University of Edinburgh

    'This is a most interesting and informative book; it is equally valuable for scholars and a wider readership. […] Professor Kuschel has highlighted very clearly the joint heritage of Christianity and Islam at a time when mutual understanding between these two religious traditions is so vital.'
    --Prof. Carole Hillenbrand, University of St Andrews

    Listen to lectures on Christmas and the Qur'an by professors Kuschel, Carole Hillenbrand and Robert Hillenbrand.

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