Promoting dialogue with the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa

Gingko’s mission is to further understand and create encounters to bridge the divide between West Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions and the West. We are a charitable foundation that informs and educates the public by working with scholars to increase understanding across the cultures, religions and languages in those regions. Gingko achieves these aims through its core activities: a burgeoning interfaith Fellowship, public events, lectures and programmes, publications, and academic collaborations. Through all its activities, Gingko seeks to encounter, engage and educate, fostering understanding through listening to voices from the MENA region.

Academic Programmes

In partnership with leading universities and cultural institutions, Gingko organises conferences and lectures that bring together scholars from around the world to engage and discuss topics concerning cooperation and exchange. Through these, we aim to generate wider interest in the MENA region as well as promote greater understanding of its culture, both in the West and in the region itself.

Public Programmes

As a charity, Gingko considers it an important mission to hold regular public events with the aim of offering information and chances to participate in various cultural programmes to the interested public. These events are meant for audiences of diverse backgrounds and seek to increase understanding of and interaction with the MENA region.


The Gingko Interfaith Fellowship Programme is a series of annual retreats, which commenced in 2018 and has so far benefitted more than forty young scholars. The programme brings together students from West Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa with their peers from universities in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. The retreats provide an opportunity for these emerging theologians and community leaders to deepen their awareness and understanding of each other’s faiths.

Publish With Us

Our innovative approach originates from our intention of publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed books that will have a wider cultural impact. For this purpose, our monographs are designed to be affordable, and our edited volumes become open access two years following publication.

We welcome proposals for new, academic books that deal with topics pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa, or the Islamic world more widely, whether they are monographs, edited volumes or general interest (non-fiction) books. We are particularly interested in submissions from Middle Eastern scholars based in the MENA region.