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GINGKO publishes high-quality academic books on the history, art history and religions of the MENA region

INSPECTION COPIES: Titles are available to bona fide academic teaching staff to review as possible texts for their students. For more information and to order an inspection copy please email

GINGKO believes that ignorance breeds prejudice. We publish exceptional academic work to deepen knowledge of the MENA region.

Many of our authors are from the MENA region or have MENA heritage. We seek to support a vibrant academic life in the MENA region.

All GINGKO books are fully peer reviewed. They are selected by our series editors, all of whom are leaders in their respective fields.

GINGKO is a not-for-profit organisation. We publish our books at a lower price than most academic publishers, to make them more affordable for researchers, libraries and the wider public.

GINGKO publishes its books with high production values. Our art history books are richly illustrated.

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