We welcome proposals for new, academic books that deal with topics pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa, or the Islamic world more widely, whether they are monographs, edited volumes or general interest (non-fiction) books. We are particularly interested in submissions from Middle Eastern scholars based in the MENA region. All academic publications will be subject to peer review and special priority will go to works falling under the following categories: interfaith; history and politics; art and architecture; gender studies.

If you have a book project that you would like us to consider, please send a completed proposal form to our editorial department at gingko@gingkolibrary.com. Please view our titles to familiarise yourself with our area of research. For more information on commissions please email gingko@gingkolibrary.com

Why publish with Gingko?

  • Ethical Publishing

    Gingko Library is an independent, not-for-profit publisher. Our aim is to advance informed discourse about the Middle East and North Africa for the benefit of academics and the wider public.

  • Rigour

    We care about quality; all of our academic publications are subject to peer review.

  • Speed

    We work closely with our authors to ensure timely publication.

  • Promotion

    Gingko Library’s marketing and publicity department works closely with our authors to promote their books to a wider audience.

  • International Presence

    We have a presence at conferences and exhibits worldwide, such as MESA, BRISMES, BRAIS and others.

  • Worldwide Distribution

    We are distributed worldwide by University of Chicago Press and Macmillan Distribution.