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Green Open Access:
Our authors are allowed to make the final manuscript of their chapter/book freely available after a 24-month embargo period, subject to contract.

Why publish with Gingko?

  • Ethical Publishing

    Gingko Library is an independent, not-for-profit publisher. Our aim is to advance informed discourse about the Middle East and North Africa for the benefit of academics and the wider public.

  • Rigour

    We care about quality; all of our academic publications are subject to peer review.

  • Speed

    We work closely with our authors to ensure timely publication.

  • Promotion

    Gingko Library’s marketing and publicity department works closely with our authors to promote their books to a wider audience.

  • International Presence

    We have a presence at conferences and exhibits worldwide, such as MESA, BRISMES, BRAIS and others.

  • Worldwide Distribution

    We are distributed worldwide by University of Chicago Press and Macmillan Distribution.