The Arab Christ

The Arab Christ


Towards an Arab Christian Theology of Conviviality

by Mouchir Basile Aoun
translated by Sarah Patey

Format: Royal Hardback
Published: September 2022
Pages: 350


The present work intends to demonstrate how topical the Christian faith is in the current intercultural context of Arab societies. Arab Christianity seeks to express the Christian faith through openness to Muslim otherness, existential conviviality and fraternal solidarity. In order to safeguard not only the physical existence of these communities, but also and above all the relevance and richness of their message of life, the theological reflection presented here takes on a triple hermeneutical task. First, to faithfully describe the sociopolitical and sociocultural reality of the historical integration of Arab Christian communities. Second, to reinterpret the content of the Christ event with reference to the challenge of Muslim otherness. And finally, to offer a path for conversion that involves a form not only of evangelical praxis, designed to foster bonds of fraternal solidarity between the inhabitants of the Arab world, but also of shared spiritual quest for moral and political commitment.


Mouchir Basile Aoun is a Lebanese-French philosopher and professor of philosophy at the Lebanese University in Beirut, where he teaches the history of German philosophy and hermeneutics. He is the author of several works published in both Lebanon and France. His research focuses on interculturality, the relationship between philosophy and theology, and the position of hermeneutical reasoning in understanding the diversity of the religious phenomenon.

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