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Collaboration Prize

The Collaboration Prize enables Fellows to work together on an interfaith research project or encounter

The Fellowship Collaboration Prize

  1. The Fellowship Collaboration Prize is an annual award open solely to current Fellows.
  2. Each award is to fund a collaborative project conducted by at least two Fellows, with at least one Fellow from MENA and one from the West.
  3. The project must either be an academic research project on the religions of the MENA region (usually with a comparative or interfaith perspective) or an interfaith encounter project.
  4. The Fellowship Collaboration Prize is worth up to £3,000.
  5. Up to two awards may be given each year, at Gingko’s discretion.
  6. The prospective collaborators have to fill in the application form, which includes a detailed budget and timeline.
  7. The decision of the judging panel is final.
  8. The Collaborators are expected to showcase their project at one of the Retreats. They must also after completion hand in a report about the achieved outcomes and their impact.

for more information and to get an application form please contact 

2022 Collaboration Prize

2020 Collaboration Prize