Fellowship Collaboration Prize

Learning – Faith – Leadership – Friendships


The Gingko Fellowship Collaboration Prize is an annual prize that sees a micro-grant of £1,000 awarded to the most promising and creative collaborative project proposed by groups of 2-3 Gingko Fellows. The winning project demonstrates inspiring leadership and scholarship in the field of interfaith understanding. The collaborations take place between Fellows of different faiths and the projects are outward-looking. The winning project is chosen by a panel of judges that includes Barbara Schwepcke, John Casson, Anthony Ball and Mona Siddiqui. The successful grantees are fully responsible for the implementation of the project.


The 2022 Collaboration Prize is open for submission and the deadline is 30 July 2022. The winning proposal will be announced in September 2022.


The aim of the prize is to encourage interfaith collaborations that have potential to develop the skills of those involved and to strengthen networks and friendships. The wider impact of the project should be mobilising deep faith and scholarship from multiple traditions to offer new resources and perspectives.

2020 Winners

The 2020 Gingko Fellowship Collaboration Prize was shared between an online scriptural reasoning project (Doaa Baumi and Joel Pierce) and a study of religious majority attitudes towards minorities in Ghana and Egypt (Emmanuel Kwame Tettey [from Ghana] and Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour [from Egypt]).

Doaa Baumi and Joel Pierce report on their 2020 prize-winning project ‘Scriptural Reasoning Across Borders’