Revealing the Unseen

Revealing the Unseen


New Perspectives on Qajar Art

edited by Gwenaëlle Fellinger with Melanie Gibson

Format: Hardback (240x290mm)
Published: November 2021
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781909942646


‘Beautifully presented, this new book expands the current scholarship on Qajar art in many valuable directions.’
– Moya Carey, Curator of Islamic Collections,

Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

The articles in this volume are focused on the art of Iran in the nineteenth century while it was under Qajar rule. The articles in the first section are dedicated to the arts of painting, illumination and lithography. The second section is also concerned with works on paper but looks at newly introduced techniques such as fingernail art and photography. The third section looks at different materials: tiles decorated with mounted falconers, ikat velvet textiles, carpets as diplomatic gifts and a type of armour known as chahar ‘ayna. The two final articles focus on artefacts acquired through diplomatic and commercial exchanges.

Melanie Gibson is Senior Editor of the Gingko Library Arts Series. Her publications focus on sculpture, ceramics and glass produced around the Islamic world. Gwenaëlle Fellinger is Senior Curator in the Department of Islamic Art in the Louvre Museum where she is in charge of Qajar Art. Contributors: Ali Boozari, Filiz Çakir Phillip, Layla S. Diba, Maryam Ekhtiar, Gwenaëlle Fellinger, Christiane Gruber, Carol Guillaume, Hadi Maktabi, Charlotte Maury, Simon Rettig, Tim Stanley, Iván Szántó, Daria Vasilyeva, Friederike Voigt.

Watch Gwenaëlle Fellinger’s presentation, organised by Gingko and Iran Society.

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