Fruit of Knowledge, Wheel of Learning

Essays in Honour of Robert Hillenbrand

edited by Melanie Gibson


Format: Hardback (197x264mm)
Published: April 2022
Pages: 276
ISBN: 9781909942608


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An impressive collection of essays by distinguished scholarly authors to celebrate the career of Robert Hillenbrand.

Carole and Robert Hillenbrand are acclaimed academics who have made immense contributions to the fields of Islamic history and art history. The respect and affection of the academic community towards them is legendary. For these two volumes, editors Ali Ansari and Melanie Gibson have gathered a wide-ranging selection of scholarly essays by some of their longstanding colleagues as well as by recent students who now occupy academic positions across the world. The volume dedicated to Robert Hillenbrand includes thirteen articles on subjects which include studies on a rare 8th-century metal dish with Nilotic scenes, Chinese Qur’ans, the process of image making in both theory and practice, and a shrine in Mosul destroyed by ISIS.

Robert Hillenbrand is a Fellow of of the British Academy, Emeritus Professor in Islamic Art History at the University of Edinburgh and an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of St Andrews.

Melanie Gibson is Senior Editor of the Gingko Library Arts Series. Her publications focus on sculpture, ceramics and glass produced around the Islamic world.