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The Jordan Workshop

Part of the Gingko Workshop Series: Arab Spring — 10 Years On:


The Jordan Workshop was an online workshop with participants aged between 20 and 40 from Jordan discussing the Arab Uprisings and its impact on their lives.

This workshop was part of the Gingko Workshop Series and aimed to provide a platform for young Arabs to express their hopes and disappointments about the process of political change unfolding in the WANA region since 2010. Small groups of young adults from Arab countries were invited to reflect on how they have experienced political change—or lack thereof—and its implications on their lives.

The Jordan Workshop examined new forms of citizenry among Jordanians and new opportunities for entrepreneurship and activism. It explored forms of engagement through media platforms, new and old, and if/how this engagement creates new networks for young Jordanians. It investigated the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic crisis on career plans. The workshop also discussed the impact of the refugee response on perceptions about Jordan’s history and its future.

The workshop was conducted virtually on Zoom at 4pm on 29 May 2021. It was recorded and released as a podcast which can be listened to here:

Amman, Jordan

Photo by Hisham Zayadnh on Unsplash