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Science and Civilisation between Islam and Christianity

Science and Civilisation between Islam and Christianity


by Muhammad Abduh

Translated and with an introduction by Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour and Umran Khan

Prologue by Professor Muhammad Abdel Haleem

Epilogue by Professor David Thomas

Format: Hardback, 153x216mm
Published: 30 September 2024
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-914983-24-5

Series: Interfaith Series

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This book is a translation of Muhammad Abduh’s Al-Islām wa-l-Narāniyya maʿa al-ʿIlm wa-l-Madaniyya (Science and Civilisation between Islam and Christianity). Abduh was an Egyptian jurist, religious scholar, theologian and a reformer of Al-Azhar who died in 1905. His impact on modern Islam cannot be overstated. In fact, much of modern Muslim thought has either been a reaction for or against his ideas. Although numerous English studies have been done on him, only one treatise of his has been translated into English. That is, Risālat al-tawhīd (Theology of Unity) by Ishaq Masaʿad and Kenneth Cragg, in 1966.

Far too little attention has been paid to the treatise translated here. Much less attention has been given to how this treatise impacts the Islamic theology of Christianity. Hence, this translation fills a serious gap in the genre of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.


Mohamed Gamal Abdelnour is a faculty member at the Faculty of Uṣūl al-Dīn, Al-Azhar University (Cairo) and a research fellow at the department of philosophy, University of York, U.K. He received his primary, secondary and undergraduate education at Al-Azhar, where he memorized the Qur’ān at the age of eleven, deeply studied the various disciplines of the Islamic tradition, and graduated as valedictorian of his class with a bachelor’s in Islamic Studies and Philosophy in 2011 (Al-Azhar University, Cairo). He holds an MA in Catholic Theology (Durham University, U.K.) and a PhD in Comparative Theology (SOAS University of London).

Umran Khan obtained a BA Arabic and History from SOAS, University of London. He works as an Arabic-English translator, editor and proofreader. He also writes on Islamic history and politics, having written for the online magazine Muslim Matters on Islam in the Indian subcontinent and an award-winning essay on Muslim Intellectual Life in 8th Century Baghdad for Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar. He teaches Arabic and Islamic History at the Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre and is currently the programme manager at Al-Salam Institute, London, an institute specialising in teaching Arabic and the Islamic sciences.



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