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Nationalism in he Architecture of Modern Iran

Nationalism in he Architecture of Modern Iran


by Niloofar Kakhi

Format: Royal Hardback, 153mmx216mm
Published: 3 April  2024
Pages: 360 pages | 5 maps, 48 illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-914983-14-6
Series: St Andrews Series

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This research provides a historical account of the development of the idea of nationalism in the architectural discipline in Iran between 1905-2015. It aims to provide the details of what it means to design a building that bears an ‘Iranian’ or ‘Islamic-Iranian’ identity and to construct a conceptual platform for critically assessing such representations of national identity in contemporary architecture. This book will give art historians and a broader audience a comprehensive understanding of the modern history of architecture in Iran. This is a much needed contribution as Iran is one of the least discussed countries in this regard but offers many similarities to other Middle Eastern contexts and discloses the active role of internationally renowned Western architects.

Niloofar Kakhi is an architect and researcher. She received her PhD in Histories and Theories of Architecture from Architectural Association. She has recently finished a Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of St Andrews.

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