Fruit of Knowledge, Wheel of Learning: Essays in Honour of Robert Hillenbrand

Fruit of Knowledge, Wheel of Learning: Essays in Honour of Robert Hillenbrand


Essays in Honour of Robert Hillenbrand

edited by Melanie Gibson

Format: Hardback (197x264mm)
Published: April 2022
Pages: 276
ISBN: 9781909942608


An impressive collection of essays by distinguished scholarly authors to celebrate the career of Robert Hillenbrand.


Fruit of Knowledge, Wheel of Learning contains a series of essays as engaging and diverse in their interests and subject matters as the man they celebrate. As many of the contributors are Robert Hillenbrand’s former students, they also testify to his abilities as a learned and inspiring teacher.”–Scott Redford, Nasser D Khalili Professor of Islamic Art and Archaeology, SOAS, University of London

“In its thematic breadth, intellectual depth, and innovative thinking Fruit of Knowledge, Wheel of Learning is indeed a befitting academic tribute to honour one of the giants in the field of Islamic art today. At the same time, it speaks of Robert’s outstanding calibre as a teacher and mentor, fostering the next generation of scholarly thought leaders at the top of their game.”–Ulrike Al-Khamis, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto

“This beautifully produced volume ranges in time from early Islam to early modernity, in geography from Anatolia to China, and in medium from architecture to the portable arts, painting and paper. The extraordinary range of the contributors’ essays offers a fitting tribute to the inspiring and pioneering scholarship of a towering figure in the history of Islamic art and architecture.”–Finbarr Barry Flood, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of the Humanities, New York University


Carole and Robert Hillenbrand are acclaimed academics who have made immense contributions to the fields of Islamic history and art history. The respect and affection of the academic community towards them is legendary. For these two volumes, editors Ali Ansari and Melanie Gibson have gathered a wide-ranging selection of scholarly essays by some of their longstanding colleagues as well as by recent students who now occupy academic positions across the world. The volume dedicated to Robert Hillenbrand includes thirteen articles on subjects which include studies on a rare 8th-century metal dish with Nilotic scenes, Chinese Qur’ans, the process of image making in both theory and practice, and a shrine in Mosul destroyed by ISIS.

Robert Hillenbrand is a Fellow of of the British Academy, Emeritus Professor in Islamic Art History at the University of Edinburgh and an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of St Andrews.

Melanie Gibson is Senior Editor of the Gingko Library Arts Series. Her publications focus on sculpture, ceramics and glass produced around the Islamic world.



Foreword  6

Melanie Gibson and Ali Ansari


Robert Hillenbrand: An Appreciation  8

Melanie Gibson


Robert Hillenbrand: Publications  10


A Builder of Mosques: The Projects of al-Walid I, from Sanaa to Homs  16

Alain George


Back to Tulul al-Ukhaydir  50

Barbara Finster


Twin Minarets in the Architecture of Iran  64

Lorenz Korn


Memorial for a Memorial: The Mashhad of  Imam ʿAwn al-Din and the Destruction of Medieval Monuments in Mosul by ISIS  78

Richard P. McClary


David Talbot Rice and Persian Art History  92

Yuka Kadoi


Beyond the Beholder’s Share: Painting as Process  100

Marga ret S. Graves


Blurred Boundaries: Interactions Between Royal Ateliers and Commercial Workshops in the Persianate World  132

Udayan Da niel Ghose


Some New Uses of the Geniza: Mercantile Letter—On the Materiality of Writing in the Indian Ocean World  158

Elizabeth La mbourn


Beyond the Taklamakan: The Origins and Stylistic Development of Qurʾan Manuscripts in China  180

Marcus Fraser


Syrian Nilotics and the History of Silver Inlay in the Near East  200

James Allan


An Ayyubid-era Figural Ivory: A Sculptural Miniature  222

Julian Raby


‘Healing for what is in the Breasts’: Ceramic Breastfeeding Figures from the Medieval Islamic World 240

Melanie Gibson


Chinese Porcelains from the Ardabil Shrine: Collecting and Display in Iran  268

Linda Komaroff


Author Biographies  286

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