Environmental Challenges in the MENA Region

Environmental Challenges in the MENA Region


The Long Road from Conflict to Cooperation

edited by Hamid Pouran and Hassan Hakimian

Royal Hardback
Published: May 2019
Pages: 225
Illustrations: 28

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‘Using anthropogenic, political and economic perspectives, the book highlights a group of challenges that are facing the West Asia region […] Generally, the book is valuable, rich in facts, statistics and references, and it is fair. It should alarm governments and rulers of suffering and poor countries, as well as kings and princes of oil wealthy countries to take action and/or implement their already established plans. This is a book for those who care about climate change, water scarcity and the possibility of deploying renewables in the MENA region.’
– Marwa T. A. Abdel-Wareth, International Journal of Environmental Studies


The Middle East and North Africa region is well known for its abundant natural resources and important geostrategic position. This image is often overshadowed by on-going sectarian violence and trans-boundary conflicts that threaten the stability of the entire region with huge global implications. Although the region’s fragile state of the environment has increasingly preoccupied policymakers in individual countries, there is as yet insufficient concerted effort for initiating collaborative action to address problems relating to its environmental sustainability. Despite the urgency of these challenges, there are very limited resources, if any, dedicated to studying MENA’s environmental sustainability. Environmental Challenges in the MENA Region includes contributions by experts and policy-makers concerned with the state of the region’s environmental predicament with the aim of addressing these problems with a constructive and forward-looking approach.

Hassan Hakimian is Director of the London Middle East Institute (LMEI) and a Reader in the Economics Department at SOAS, University of London. Hamid Pouran is a Research Associate at SOAS, University of London and Lecturer in environmental technology at the University of Wolverhampton. He is Senior Member IEEE and Chair IEEE UK and Ireland Climate Change and Environmental Technology Special Interest Group (ETSIG).

Contributors: Iyad Abumoghli, Tony Allan, Marta Antonelli, María J. Beltrán, Matthew Broughton, Mine Cinar, Philipp Dees, Ludovic Gaudard, Nathalie Hilmi, Helen Lackner, Nancy Lindisfarne, Niall Mac Dowell, Kaveh Madani, Maral Mahlooji, Jonathan Neale, Victor Planas-Bielsa, Alain Safa, Safia Saouli, Juman Al-Saqlawi, Georgeta Vidican Auktor, Tobias Zumbrägel.

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Edited by Hamid Pouran and Hassan Hakimian






Royal Hardback