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Reading and Discussion: Navid Kermani

One of three public events held in connection to the 2023 GINGKO Interfaith Fellowship Retreat, organised by GINGKO in collaboration with the Suermondt Ludwig Museum in Aachen, included a reading and discussion by Navid Kermani.

Kermani is a Cologne-based writer and the winner of prestigious prizes such as the Hannah-Arendt-Prize, the Kleist-Prize, the Joseph-Breitbach-Prize, the Peace Prize and the Hölderlin-Prize. During the event, Kermani read two chapters from his book Wonder Beyond Belief: On Christianity, the first on the theme of the cross and the second addressing the idea of beauty. A lively and engaging discussion followed, moderated by Professor Klaus von Stosch of the International Center for Comparative Theology and Social Issues at the University of Bonn.