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Symposium: The Religious Other(s)

At the Gingko Interfaith Fellowship Retreat in Cairo in May 2022, Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour and Emmanuel Kwame Tettey, the winners of the Inaugural Gingko Fellowship Collaboration Prize, presented their research into Christian-Muslim relations in Ghana and Egypt.

At the retreat they offered to open up their research and collaboration to the wider academic community. Gingko decided to support this collaborative project, open the call-for-papers to all interested scholars, and award research grants were awarded to every proposed paper that was selected. The selected papers will be presented at a symposium held at the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum in Aachen on 1 September 2023 and, subject to peer-review, be included in an edited volume. These conference proceedings will be published by Gingko with the intention that they should be launched a year later, in 2024.

List of accepted papers

1. The Return of the Others: The Politics of Teshuvah and Repentance in Late Antique and Contemporary Contexts (Benjamine Kamine and Joel Pierce)

2. The Status of Ahl al-Kitāb “the religious other” in the Qurʾān and the early Islamic literature: Case study the Jews (Doaa Baumi)

3. Notions of Religious Pluralism in the Writings of Christian and Muslim Scholars: A Cross-Authored Perspective (Rawdah Fawzy and Lea Schlenker)

4. Befriending the Religious Other in Islam: the consideration of emotions as the quintessential demarcation of deep platonic friendships (Imran Khan)

5. The Interfaith Human Fraternity Document as a Source for Enhancing and Promoting the International Climate Change Law (Mohamed Abdelgaber)

6. Fraternity and pluralism: theological questions within the Catholic Church regarding the relationship with the religious other (Elena Dini)

7. Deliverance Ministry and Exorcism: Its Place in Islam and Christianity as we Engage with the Religious Other (Daniel Fleming)

8. Mission & Conversion in Christianity and Islam: Implications for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (Michael Sowah Norten)

A participant of the 2022 Fellowship Retreat at the Al-Azhar Mosque