Call For Papers: The Religious Other(s) Symposium


In recognition and celebration of the conclusion of the first cycle of its Fellowship programme, and at the start of a new era, Gingko has decided to support collaborative research projects and open the call-for-papers to all Gingko Fellows and interested scholars.

A research grant of £500 will be awarded to every proposed paper that is selected. The selected papers will be presented at a symposium before the Gingko Interfaith Fellowship Retreat in Bonn in September 2023. Subject to peer-review, the papers will be included in an edited volume. These symposium proceedings will be published by Gingko with the intention that they should be launched a year later, in 2024.

The deadline to submit an abstract of your paper is 31st July 2022. Authors of proposals will be informed of Gingko’s decision on their submission by 1st September 2022 and the final papers will be due on 1 August 2023 to be shared with all participants of the symposium.

A participant of the 2022 Fellowship Retreat at the Al-Azhar Mosque